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"The Porta Transom Bracket is unique in that it's hydraulic and can accommodate from one to five high-horsepower outboard motors. Hydraulics allow tilting the engine completely out of the water. Because motor height is adjustable, the helmsman can fine-tune propeller depth for fast flying or shallow running on the flats." - Southern Boating, August 2001

Below we highlight several users of the Porta Bracket in various applications. Click on any of the photos below for a larger image.

Kvichak Marine Industries

Founded in 1981, Kvichak Marine Industries soon established itself as one of the country's premier aluminum boat builders. Kvichak's reputation for quality and reliability has been proven time and again in the North Pacific fisheries, one of the world's most demanding marine environments.

Kvichak Marine Industries uses the Porta Bracket on their long-line fishing boat.

Kvichak Marine Long-Line Fishing Boat Porta Bracket In Use


Jeffrey Wortner - Tampa, Florida

"The bracket is the best thing I have invested in my boat. Totally bad ass!!! Every one asks about it when they see it."


Have more fun with a Porta Bracket!


"Thanks to Mr. Porta for manufacturing such a great product... Haven't seen anything like it on the Louisiana coast. I bought the bracket from you in January and we have been offshore and in the bay with it. I put it on a 200 HP Ocean Pro 23 ft. inboard converted to an outboard w/ bracket. I can fish alongside my friend's 18 ft. cc Wellcraft in shallow water in the bay with my 200 out of the water... just enough.... to pick up water pressure and move us along. Have anyone that wants to know just how great this bracket is to call me. I travel a lot in my work, but I will call them back." - Darryl Hinson, 337-392-0402

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